Reviews for No stone unturned

Author: Watts, Helen
ISBN: 9781472905406

12 year old Kelly is a Traveller, living on a permanent site in a caravan. She has fought hard to be allowed to go to school, and feels she now can’t tell her parents she is being bullied. She meets Ben, a boy slightly older than her who doesn’t mind that she’s a Traveller. He knows a lot about the history of the area and so she asks him to help her with a school history project. Kelly uncovers a mystery surrounding some deaths which occurred in Victorian times when a railway line was being built. She is determined to find out what happened and why the gravestones don’t have any names on them. With Ben’s help she uncovers the truth, but it isn’t exactly what she was expecting. An alternative story is interspersed throughout the book, telling of the workers who built the railway in the village, and the building of Westminster Palace in London.Characters are well developed, and the plot interesting, although the ending may not be a surprise to many. Some swearing, and a description of dead bodies, and a suicide.

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