Reviews for Close to the wind

Author: Walter, Jon
ISBN: 9781910200179

There's a ship down at the dock. There are places for a few if you have enough money and know the right people, you might get a ticket. Malik's mother has been missing for days, and his grandfather is insisting that they leave on the next and final ship: The Samaritan. This journey will take them to a country which promises safety and a new life. The only problem is, they don't have a ticket, and people are stopping at nothing to get a place on board. Malik's grandfather asks two friends to extract one of his teeth in which he has a diamond hidden. This is done without any painkillers and is a quite bloody and painful event. He hopes that the diamond will pay for his and Malik's tickets for the boat, but his friends steal the diamond while he is asleep. Engaging and moving story of a young refugee escaping from a land at war. While there are breaks in the narrative, there are no chapters.

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