Reviews for Listen to the moon

Author: Morpurgo, Michael
ISBN: 9780007339655

In 1915 a young girl is travelling on the Lusitania with her mother. When the ship is torpedoed by German U-boats, the girl is put into a lifeboat. She sees her mother’s body drifting past the lifeboat. Sometime later a young girl is found living on an uninhabited island in the Scillies. She can’t talk, but with coaxing manages to say her name - Lucy. She is taken in by an island family who have a son a bit younger than Lucy. The boy- Alfie spends hours with Lucy, trying to get her to join in with family life and to start talking again. At first the other islanders are curious and protective about Lucy, but then her secret is revealed. When she was rescued, she had a blanket with a German name – Wilhelm stitched onto it. Immediately Lucy and the family are ostracised by everyone on the island. Eventually, a German U-boat is sunk and one of the sailors rescued. As soon as Lucy sees the sailor a remarkable transformation takes place, and finally she is able to tell her story. The novel is told in flashbacks, so the reader is able to start trying to piece together Lucy’s story. Totally absorbing with excellent characterisation, and a very satisfying ending.

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