Reviews for Devil you know

Author: MacPhail, Cathy
ISBN: 9781782501794

Logan, his mum and her boyfriend have moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow, and Logan is finding it difficult to make friends. Then he meets Baz, and gets to hang out with Mickey, Gary and Claude who are too scared of Baz to tell Logan to get lost. Logan had been mixing with people who had got him into trouble in Aberdeen, so his mum is worried that the same thing will happen in Glasgow. Logan doesn’t want to get into trouble either, but one night, after a fight with a local gang, the boys bump into a local drug addict who is breaking into a lock-up. Baz insists on the boys helping him, but when the lock-up is set on fire, the boys know they are out of their depth. The warehouse belongs to The Machans, who own half the properties in the area, and are not to be messed with. The Machans slowly extract revenge, killing the drug addict, killing Mickey’s dog and breaking Claude’s legs. Logan knows they will be coming for him soon, but doesn’t know what he can do to stop them.The action is fast paced and the characters are realistic. A twist at the end is completely unexpected and turns everything on it’s head.

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