Reviews for Binny for short

Author: McKay, Hilary
ISBN: 9781444915433

Binny's life has been difficult since her father died and her dreadful old Aunt Violet disposed of her beloved dog, Max. Her world changed then, to a city flat with not enough space for her Mum, her big sister Clem and her small brother James. Definitely no room for a pet. Then one day Aunt Violet dies, leaving a small cottage in Cornwall to Binny and her family. Binny finds herself in a new world once more, full of sunshine and freedom and Gareth, the enemy-next-door and the ideal companion for dangerous dares. But Max is still lost in the past, and it seems impossible that she'll ever find him again.Written is a style which is fast-paced, full of mischief and humorous in places. The book opens with what is almost the final scene, Binny at real and terrible risk, and the narrative moves back and forth in time, describing the events that led up to this climax, its development and, finally, its outcome too. A story about a family who have hit on difficult times with characters who are believable, honest and endearing. Well worth reading.

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