Reviews for Ophelia and the marvellous boy

Author: Foxlee, Karen
ISBN: 9781471402395

Eleven-year-old Ophelia is she is curious. Her family are still coming to terms with her mother's death. Her Dad had gone to work in a City museum. Ophelia can't wait to explore this and while doing so discovers a secret room in the museum, in which a boy is imprisoned who has been held captive by an evil snow queen for over 300 years and the clock is ticking down towards the end of the world. Ophelia doesn't quite believe him, but there's no denying he needs her help. There are many other, darker, impossibilities in this museum too. Ghosts, wolves, Misery Birds, magical swords - and even fabled Snow Queens - will all do their very best to stop Ophelia and hurt her family.

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