Reviews for Not as we know it

Author: Avery, Tom
ISBN: 9781783442263

A moving story set in the 1980’s Jamie and Ned are eleven year old twins. They spend all their time together; riding their bikes, beachcombing outside their house, playing Risk, watching their favourite episodes of Star Trek and doing lessons as they are home schooled due to Ned’s illness. Ned has cystic fibrosis and looks much younger and smaller than his brother and one day, he may leave Jamie behind. When they discover a strange creature on the beach, Ned wants to keep him secretly in their garage and have one more adventure. They keep 'Leonard' in a bath-tub in the garage and Ned seems to form an instant connection with the mysterious creature. Jamie begins to hope that the creature might bring some miracle, and cure his brother. A well written story which is a heart-wrenching tale and has silhouette drawings throughout.

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