Reviews for My brother's shadow

Author: Avery, Tom
ISBN: 9781849397827

A year ago, when Kaia was 10, she found her brother dead in his room. He had slashed his wrists. From that moment on, Kaia has been frozen, reliving that moment and dreaming about her brother every night. Her mum has lost her job and started drinking heavily as she has failed to come to terms with what has happened, and she and Kaia barely talk. Kaia’s friends have stopped trying with her and her teacher has lost patience. She is very isolated. However, a new boy starts in her class. He is wild, doesn’t talk, doesn’t appear to have a name and is as lost as she is. Kaia befriends him and starts to tell him all about herself. The boy never comments, but appears to listen to her. Eventually, she finds herself thawing and engaging with her other classmates. A well written book with a poetic, lyrical quality. There are quite a few pages of dark illustrations which set the tone. The book is written for year 6 and older.

Reviews from Pupils