Reviews for Hacked

Author: Alexander, Tracy
ISBN: 9781848124141

Dan is a normal 16 year old lad, from an ordinary caring family but who has a genius for computer code. It was hard to remember when he started hacking for real, but free cinema tickets were the first illicit results of a hack. By the time Dan is befriended online by the mysterious Angel he is keen for a new challenge, something so complex that it will test his skills to the limit. Things start to unravel when there is news of a missing UAV drone over Germany. Finally realising he has gone too far, Dan desperately tries to halt the drone's path towards London, but Angel has other plans. And besides, once the US government gets involved, Dan's hands are full just trying to prove his innocence. This an extremely well-written, gripping novel with excellent characterisation. Short, punchy chapters and believable first person narrative make it ideal for boys. There are a lot of references to current youth culture, as well as various people highlighted in the media in recent years for hacking crimes, so would date in time, but worth promoting in the meantime.

Reviews from Pupils