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Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms (as amended from time to time) are exclusively governed by and are construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales whose courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute or any proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms, save that we have the right to commence and pursue proceedings in alternative jurisdictions

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete parts of these Terms at any time and without further notice. Such amendments shall be effective upon posting the revised Terms on the Website.


By using, visiting, accessing and/or registering with Nottinghamshire County Council's website (“Website”) (including all content available through this Website), you understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and the terms and conditions of our privacy policy which are published on this Website and which are incorporated in these Terms by reference. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms (as amended from time to time), then please do not use this Website


We hereby grant you permission to use the Website in accordance with these Terms, provided that (a) you use the Website solely for your personal, non-commercial use (b) you will not alter, modify, edit or otherwise change any part of the Website other than as may be reasonably necessary to use the Website for its intended purpose and (c) that you will comply with these Terms.


You agree not to use the Website for any illegal purposes and agree to use it in accordance with all the relevant laws.
You agree not to upload, post on or transmit through the Website any computer viruses, macro viruses, Trojan horses, worms or anything else designed to interfere with, interrupt or disrupt the normal operating procedures of a computer.
You will not use the Website in a manner that may cause the Website to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient or such that the effectiveness or functionality of the Website is any way impaired.
You will not use the Website in any manner which violates or infringes the rights of any person, firm or company (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, confidentiality rights and privacy rights).


We have in place a procedure by which Users may notify us of any abuse and non-compliance with the Terms; for example, if you see a comment posted on the Website that is offensive, you should be able to notify us of by sending an email to us to You should notify us of any comment posted on the Website that constitutes Offensive Material. Disputes will be handled by the same process.
We will try to remove or delete any such comments as soon as practicable and may take any further action as we deem necessary.


Privacy Statement

We regard your privacy as important and we comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • We will only use any personal information you send us for the purposes for which you provide it.
  • We will only hold your information for as long as necessary for these purposes and will not pass it to any other parties unless this is made clear to you.
  • All employees who have access to your personal data or are associated with the handling of that data are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.
Photographic images of individuals are treated as personal data. Images of crowds in a public area are not. When taking photographs intended for publication on our website or elsewhere, it is our policy to seek the written permission of any individuals who are photographed.
We will respond promptly to any request to remove photographic images and/or personal data from the website where the person making such a request has a right to do so under the Data Protection Act.
Upon request to our Data Protection Officer we will inform you whether personal information is stored by us. You may write to:
The Data Protection Officer
Nottinghamshire County Council
County Hall
West Bridgford
NG2 7QP.
If you have concerns about the processing of your personal data by Nottinghamshire County Council you may contact the Data Protection Officer at the address above, or
The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
SK9 5AF.

Use of cookies and logs

The computers which host our websites maintain site logs which include the IP details of all machines accessing our pages. We only use such logs to determine website usage and not as a means of identifying or obtaining information about specific users. Any IP information is treated as strictly confidential and is not published or divulged to any third party. We use a service provided by Google Analytics. Their approach to privacy can be found at website:
We use cookies on our Website to collect limited personal information.  A cookie is small file placed on a user's computer by a Website, which logs information about the user and their previous/current visits for the use of the site next time the user makes contact.  These cookies are used to assist in the delivery of services to you and for some technical reasons such as mapping co-ordinates. You can use your browser software to restrict or to refuse to accept these, or at a later point in time, to remove them. We do not pass on information gathered from these cookies to any third party without your express consent. Cookies will not be used where the data can be obtained anonymously.

Website Survey

We conduct an online survey of website usage. This is used to gauge our service, collect demographic information and other information that we may find useful to help us improve the service provided by the web site.
The survey method deposits a cookie on visitors' computers. The cookie is used to count the total number of unique visitors who are accessing the website over a particular period of time and to identify web visitors who have already been offered the survey so that they are not prompted to participate a second time within any three month period. These surveys are optional and we may share non-personal, aggregated information with third parties. The providers privacy policy can be found at website:


To post comments in forums published on the Website will need to create an account by registering to become a “User”.
You will not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, intimidate, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy or intellectual property rights where applicable) of others; impersonate any other person or entity, whether actual or fictitious or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself, your age or your affiliation with any person or entity or use or attempt to use another User's account
You are solely responsible and liable for any activity occurring on your account, and you must keep your account password secret. You must inform us of any breach of security or unauthorised use of your account by e-mailing  We will investigate any security breaches and we have the right to suspend or terminate the account immediately.
We will not be liable for any losses caused by the unauthorised use of your account, but you may be liable for our or other users’ losses caused by such unauthorised use.
We reserve the right to store and use your personal data solely for our own internal purposes and we reserve the right to access, monitor and retrieve password protected information in order to fulfill our obligations, both legal and as established under these Terms

If you're under 16:

Please get a parent's or guardian's permission before registering. Never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (for example, school,telephone number, your full name, home address or e-mail address).


We may terminate your registration and account with us immediately and without notice (without prejudice to our other rights and remedies) and we may delete any comments you have posted on the Website.
You may terminate your account with us at any time by e-mailing


You will not post or otherwise disseminate on the Website any material which is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially offensive, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise inappropriate (“Offensive Material”).
You agree that you will not collect, collate or gather any personally identifiable information from the Website and agree that you will not use the communication systems provided by the Website for any commercial solicitation purposes.
You agree that in the event that you have any right, claim or action against any User arising out of the User’s use of the Website, then you will pursue such right, claim or action independently of, and without recourse to us, except that if you notify us of any abuse of the Website which results in your right, claim or action (for example, you inform us of an offending article which is defamatory of or offensive about you), then we shall remove, delete, modify or alter (as appropriate) the posting in question and may terminate the offending User’s account if appropriate.
We do not claim any proprietary rights in the comments that you post on our Website. You agree that you shall be solely responsible for your own comments and affirm that the comments you post on the Website are your own.
You shall be solely responsible for your own postings and the consequences of posting or publishing them. You retain all your proprietary rights in your postings.
You agree that you will not post falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage us or any third party and that you will refrain from posting any Offensive Material.
You agree not to post advertisements or solicitations of business
We do not endorse any postings or any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and we expressly disclaim any and all liability in connection with any material posted by Users on the Website.  Contributions contained within the Website do not reflect the views held by Nottinghamshire County Council unless specifically identified as being made by the Council.
We reserve the right to remove contributions without notice or specific reason.


You retain all your ownership, copyright and other interests and rights in your comments but by posting any comments on our Website you permit us to use, modify, alter, edit copy, reproduce, display, make compilations of and distribute such comments throughout our Website.
We do not permit copyright, infringing activities, and infringement of intellectual property rights on our Website, and we will remove any postings if we are notified (using the relevant notification procedures) that such material infringes on another’s intellectual property rights.

Maps copyright acknowledgment

All maps on this site are provided by Nottinghamshire County Council and are reproduced from Ordnance Survey material with the permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationary Office, Crown Copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Map data is provided by Ordnance Survey under licence to Nottinghamshire County Council, O.S. Licence No. 100019713, 2009
Statement of intent: The Ordnance Survey mapping included within this website is provided by Nottinghamshire County Council under licence from the Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function to publicise local public services. Persons viewing this mapping should contact Ordnance Survey copyright for advice where they wish to licence Ordnance Survey mapping for their own use.
If you have any complaints related to copyright, please e-mail

Intellectual Property

The names, images and logos identifying this site, third parties and their information, products and services are proprietary marks of their respective owners. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication or otherwise any licence or permission to use this material without the express consent of the copyright owner.


All copyright, trade marks, design rights, database rights and other intellectual property rights in or relating to the Content on the Website (but not Content supplied by Registered Users)("Our Content") belong to us.  You may access, use and reproduce Our Content (excluding any software code) solely for the purposes of your use of the Website.
You may also print, copy or download Our Content provided always that:
  • you acknowledge us as the source of Our Content;
  • all titles credits and URLs are included; and
  • you comply with any legal notice contained in Our Content.
The permission to use Our Content is revocable by us at any time.

Social media

We use some social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to communicate with people who live in and visit Nottinghamshire.