This is the long list of books for the 2016 award.

13 Hours

Author Dhami, Narinder
ISBN 9781848531161

A soldier's friend

Author Rix, Megan
ISBN 9780141351902

An island of our own

Author Nicholls, Sally
ISBN 9781407124339

This book has been shortlisted

Apple and rain

Author Crossan, Sarah
ISBN 9781408827130

Apple tart of hope

Author Fitzgerald, S.M.
ISBN 9781444011159

Big game

Author Smith, Dan
ISBN 9781909489943

Binny for short

Author McKay, Hilary
ISBN 9781444915433

Blue moon day

Author Fine, Anne
ISBN 9780552571883

Brace mouth, false teeth

Author Brahmachari, Sita
ISBN 9781781124000

Bubble-wrap boy

Author Earle, Phil
ISBN 9780141346298

This book has been shortlisted

Close to the wind

Author Walter, Jon
ISBN 9781910200179

Counting by 7's

Author Sloan, Holly Goldberg
ISBN 9781848123823

Dark inheritance

Author D'Lacey, Chris
ISBN 9781909489653

Destination Earth

Author Sparkes, Ali
ISBN 9780192733443

Devil you know

Author MacPhail, Cathy
ISBN 9781782501794

Dragon shield

Author Fletcher, Charlie
ISBN 9781444917321

Extra time

Author Gleitzman, Morris
ISBN 9780141352985

Fastest boy in the world

Author Laird, Elizabeth
ISBN 9781447267171


Author Alexander, Tracy
ISBN 9781848124141

Haunt: dead scared

Author Jobling, Curtis
ISBN 9781471115776

How to fly with broken wings

Author Elson, Jane
ISBN 9781444916768

If you were me

Author Hepburn, Sam
ISBN 9781909489806

Listen to the moon

Author Morpurgo, Michael
ISBN 9780007339655

My brother's shadow

Author Avery, Tom
ISBN 9781849397827


Author Hoffman, Alice
ISBN 9781471124211

No stone unturned

Author Watts, Helen
ISBN 9781472905406

No true echo

Author Jones, Gareth P
ISBN 9781471404160

Not as we know it

Author Avery, Tom
ISBN 9781783442263

Ophelia and the marvellous boy

Author Foxlee, Karen
ISBN 9781471402395


Author McGowan, Anthony
ISBN 9781781124666

Red leaves

Author Brahmachari,Sita
ISBN 9781447262985

Scarlet ibis

Author Lewis, Gill
ISBN 9780192793553

Screaming staircase

Author Stroud, Jonathan
ISBN 9780552566780

She is not invisible

Author Sedgwick, Marcus
ISBN 9781780621340

This book has been shortlisted


Author Slater, Kim
ISBN 9781447236672

This book has been shortlisted

Tangled secrets

Author Conway, Anne-Marie
ISBN 9781409570332

The maleficent seven : from the world of Skulduggery Pleasant

Author Landy, Derek
ISBN 9780007531943

The Nowhere Emporium

Author MacKenzie, Ross
ISBN 9781782501251

This book has been shortlisted

Would the real Stanley Carrot please stand up?

Author Stevens, Rob
ISBN 9781783442287

This book has been shortlisted